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Friday, August 18, 2017


 “When faithful Christians do their Savior's will, they love their enemies, they Do not kill. Obedient believers don't be Mad; they know their faithfulness will make them glad! So, You and I, let's Purify our hearts, let Jesus' love cast out our doubts and fears. Let's practice Jesus' Presence, Do our parts – ta help make sure that Peace on Earth appears!”

Copyright 2016 Stephen Cromwell Gifford


What actions must I take ta serve Ya best? Or should I just be silent, Lord, and still? Please, grant me Wisdom, Lord, and I'll be blessed – then, please empower me ta Do Your Will!”

Copyright 2016 Stephen Cromwell Gifford


 “Why magnify your ego's size today? Why let your fears and worries stick Around? Please, Drop the drama, practice peace, and Pray! 'Cause That's how true tranquility gits found.”

Copyright 2016 Stephen Cromwell Gifford

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Now, worshiping an idol, that's insane; I wouldn't be surprised if You agree. To demonize a human 's wrong; that's plain: Obama, Clinton, Trump, like you and me, they're human, capable of good and bad; they make mistakes, and sometimes do nice things. To demonize or idolize 'em 's sad; they don't have devils' horns, nor angels' wings. They, and we, are human!”

Copyright 2016 Stephen Cromwell Gifford

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


(to the Lord)

Whatever is the kindest, wisest thing, please, steer me into doing now and here! Whatever 's gonna health and wellness bring, whatever 's gonna bring us all good cheer. For that, accept my thanks, dear Holy One! I much appreciate your saving grace! Lord, Thanks for happy times, for all the fun, as well as all the challenges I face! It's You, dear Lord, who knows what's Best fer me; your Wisdom's what I need ta bless my mind. Please, Help me very Careful – Cautious – Be, so I can more and more sweet blessings Find!”

Copyright 2016 Stephen Cromwell Gifford 


 “Please, don't ya say unnecessary things, please, don't be cruel, careless, dumb, and mean. From taking things for granted, trouble springs; get smart – and on the Lord fer Wisdom Lean! Please, don't ya Magnify your troubles, man; please, put attention into what is good. The Lord kin Help ya Prosper, yes, He can – please, won't ya smile, if You have understood?“

Copyright 2016 Stephen Cromwell Gifford


 “Lord, Will this option only cause more pain? Should I instead do what I've done before? Please, help me wisely choose ta do what's Sane... and act in my best int'rests, more and more! So, Should I choose this option, Lord – or not? Please, Help me be most Merciful, ta Me! Please, bless this cherished child of Yours, a Lot! And Help me be as Kind as I can Be!” Please, and Thank You! Amen!

Copyright 2016 Stephen Cromwell Gifford